No way out – Engels

No way out – Engels

play my DVD! 

it’s the one with the yellow cover

do it within five minutes

or all hell will break loose

Class 2C sets off on a trip to the Ardennes for a workweek. At least, that was the plan. They are barely underway when one of the pupils receives a strange message on his phone. There appears to be a bomb on board of the bus. If anyone enters or leaves, the bomb will explode.

It soon becomes apparent that someone on the bus knows more than they are letting on. Do they know who placed the bomb? Or worse still, did someone from class 2C place the bomb themself? While the entire country watches from a distance via live broadcasts, it is up to class 2C to unravel who the perpetrator is and – more importantly – how they can save their own lives.

Oorspronkelijke titel: 2C

Engelse vertaling door Gary Rudland


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Gepubliceerd op

20 november 2018